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Title: Script Changes
Post by: CraigX on April 25, 2020, 08:10:43 AM
I have listed all changes of current features or added after release till now in this post and will be updating regularly here
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#1: Fixed lag issue upon player join.
#2: Now server wont kick players for login-timeout instead server will mute them until they login into their account.
#3: Fixed some admin commands.
#4: Now server wont show banned players message upon server join but you can still check it in discord #ban-messages.
#5: Added spawn protection, you can adjust your spawn protection time or just disable it by /setsp command.
#6:  Now server wont kick if a player join with registered clan tag instead of kick server will just remove his tag.
#7:  Added some zombies skin but only events.
#8: Decreased recentpos price to 250 from 500.
#9: Increased players default cash from 2000 to 10000.
#10: Added /eject command.
Title: Re: Script Changes
Post by: CraigX on May 03, 2020, 09:47:57 AM
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#11: Fixed few admin commands.
#12: Added a clause in /wep and /anim command to avoid abuse.
#13: Added public messages for /flip and /fix command and flip is no more free due to recent abuse.
#14: Changed Stubby weapon data to 0.3 stubby(Thanks to axxo for providing weapon data details).
#15: Added autoban for those people who love to kill on duty admin with python due to vcmp immunity bug.
#16: Fixed recentpos bug which kept spawning you in water if you fell in water.