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« on: February 24, 2020, 01:50:01 AM »
Server Rules List
Do not invite players to another server whether its in public chat or private message.
Do not share other servers IPs with other players in public chat or private message

Do not leave server in medium of fight.
Do not Jump from roof with low health.
Do not Jump in water when you are engaged in fight.
Do not unplug your internet cable with intention of death evade.

Do not abuse someone based on their nationality or religion
Do not abuse or make fun of someone religion/country/cast

Do not spam server chat by repeating same line again and again.
Do not join and leave server again and again inshort time of period with intention of spamming chat.

Intentionally shooting at player spawn position in order to kill him is not allowed.

Pausing game:
Do not pause game at important places such as combat area or the place where fight is going on.

Wall glitching:
Do not exploit vcmp bugs for killing players inside buildings
Do not kill players with rockets/grenades/molo etc if there is a wall or any solid object in between both of you
Do not Kill players with sniper through glasses.

FPV Abuse:
Do not abuse FPV bug.

Stats Padding:
An action which is done intentionally for increasing or making your stats better without engaging in real combat.

Obey Staff:
The staff team's word is final. If a staff member asks you to stop doing something, you should immediately stop before they have to take action such as a mute/ban/kick. Just because a rule is not listed here doesn't mean that you're free to do it

Cheating - using modifications or programs that provide you unfair advantage over other players:
Do not use any sort of hacks such as Gravity hacks, HP hacks, armor hacks or any other sort of hacks.
Do not modify your map by adding more objects than the normal vice city.
Do not use any tool which provides you an unfair advantage over other players.
Do not use any sort of tool for loading asi files
Do not use any sort of cheat engine for setting x-y sensitivity.
Do not use any sort of tool for adjusting your fps.

Account breach:
Do not access someone else account without the specific person permission.

Impersonating other players, joining with someone else name without his permission.

Rocket Usage in close range:
Using rocket in range of less than 25m will result in a kick/warn.

An action of stealing someone car or money by an illegal way.

Ban/Mute evade:
Evading your ban/mute by changing UID/UID2/IP is not allowed.

Script bug abuse:
Abusing server bug for taking advantage or harming server by abusing script bug instead of reporting is not allowed.

VPN Usage:
Joining server with a VPN is not allowed

Sliding-glitch is not allowed with any other sort of weapon except shotgun sort of weapons.

Clan Tags:
Do not use any clan tag in our server unless you are member of that clan

Do not play if you are lagging hard and almost unhittable
Do not play while downloading something

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